Timothy C. Johnson is a student working on a Computer Science degree at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, AR. He also has a $30,000 tornado proof, private computer lab where he uses a compiler to author software products for his clients.

About Timothy Cary Johnson:


      I must take care of my family and finish my schooling so that is why I want 100% remote work.  My Mom is almost 80 years old and she needs me to be around the house during this part of her life.Also, my sister’s husband has died of cancer and I will need to help her financially. I would be willing to be on-site one day per week - in Little Rock, AR, Fort Smith, AR, or Conway, AR.  If you are not located in Arkansas then I will not be able to work on-site.  I am working on my Computer Science degree and I'm not finished yet - but I feel I should work on a software development project also.  I have a private tornado proof computer lab in Russellville, AR and it is all set up to make whatever software products are needed for the software development project I hope to work on - I can also "remote in" or telecommute to my client's server and do work for them over the internet.I can't talk about much of my background due to it being confidential and/or classified. I am a disabled veteran from the United States Air Force.I got to guard Air Force One (among other things).  I have made a list of my training all the way back to high school which is part of my resume - which I have already sent to you.  You can also get a copy from my web site at http://tcj.x10.mx You will also get access to my certifications and code samples there.  I have a retired MCAD certification and did not get the client base to generate the money necessary to keep up with all the changes to the .NET framework by recertifying every time it was needed.  I have used many compilers and programming languages over the years - see my resume to get a complete list.  I am now looking for clients/projects while I complete my schooling – which I now know will never really end.


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Timothy Cary Johnson Software Author






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